What's in it for you!

24/7 Access

Around-the-clock access to all the cardio, strength, and functional fitness equipment in our 9,000 sqFt. fitness center!

FREE Success Session

This is where you get to sit down with a certified coach to dive into the numbers of your individual fitness/weight-loss journey!

Spa Access

Whether it's tanning or using a sauna that you're looking to end your workout with, you'll have 24/7 access to these amenities with select memberships!

Group Fitness Classes

Jump into an up-beat and fun atmosphere with any of the group fitness classes. Instructors will modify the workout for ANY and all fitness levels!

Have you ever wondered why your knees hurt when you walk up the stairs? Or maybe why your back gets tight after a little workout? In your Movement Analysis a certified coach will help identify why and how to fix those aches and pains so your training with purpose!





Whether it's one-on-one or small group-

We focus you & your goals!

Science Based & Goal Driven

There's finally a personalized group training program done right! This all-encompassing program was created off two key factors:

Founder & Head Trainer, Shawn Johnson, has a training philosophy of having clients reach their goals (losing fat & building muscle) while focusing on moving right (feeling great). This comes from having over 6 year of education, a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, and OVER a decade of helping clients Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Great!


Small Group Training


We believe in educating and empowering all our members to reach their goals. Throughout each total body workout you’ll be able to see the intensity you're putting in towards each session. We use software that gives you access to tracking the progress of each exercise, just like you would have we were training one-on-one


Workouts are all station-based, allowing you to go at your pace for the duration of that given station. Most stations have an element of resistance training along with bursts of heart-rate training. Check out the TRAINING PROGRESSION to get a more in-depth look the science behind the workouts. Utilizing POLAR Heart Rate monitors allow you to see that your “intense” is different than my “intense” or Becky Boot Camper’s “intense”. Each workout is truly about challenging yourself!


For someone to achieve their body composition goal, it's not necessary to workout seven days a week. We sit down with you and put together your perfect plan/schedule to have you on track for reaching your goals. There's a chance you'll fall in love with our training and end up working out more often than not. Rest assured the WEEKLY SCHEDULE is still keeping you out of harms way. There are designated days that are specifically for active recovery.


Have you ever wondered why you're doing something in a given workout?

Or how about why your training is having you a certain number of reps or sets?  This is where the science of exercise comes in!  

If someone gives you a "muscle confusion" line for explaining your workout or the "You just gotta change it up", LEAVE and don't turn around!!!  

That might be extreme, but exercise is truly a science, and you deserve to be in the best hands when it comes to training.  


Periodization is the science of progressing.

Our training program is properly periodized to take you through a variety of distinct phases and training cycles.

We create a year-round training calendar that provides the perfect structure for your workouts to ensure you're reaching your goals and feeling great!


You never need to worry about when's the right time to start, or when's the "beginning" of the next session.  

After your initial consultation and assessment, you then schedule your movement analysis. This is where you learn the basics on how to move, proper training techniques, and get acclimated to how our group sessions work.

Coaches will have access to your movement report to know exactly how to train you in each sessions!

There's nothing beneficial for someone reaching their goals by doing a burbee...

Weekly Schedule

Our approach is 100% science based in the realm of changing your body composition and improving your overall quality of life. From a training standpoint, when we focus on the quality of movement (teaching you how to move properly) you start to feel better when we talk about joint pain and muscle imbalances. When we add resistance to to those movements (resistance training), and a nutritional plan that doesn't have you on a strict low calorie diet, we truly transform your body!

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The biggest flaw in today's group training settings is the belief that you need to train at a max effort every day, carrying over to every week.  "Go hard or go home" right?  Not at all!  

There needs to be planned rest/recovery based workouts within a training regimen if we're looking at long-term success.  Here's a breakdown of the weekly training program you'll be a part of after completing your foundations program.  Core training days are the sessions where we focus on resistance training with intervals of heart-rate training.  

Recovery based days are where you'll get a great workout in and leave the session feeling fully recovered!  Challenge based days are more of your typical group training sessions where there's always have an element of competing as a group or against other small groups


Supplements For All Your Goals!

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